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We are so thankful to have been able to head up to Buffalo, Wyoming and work with a group of kids at a local elementary school, leading them through the engineering design process. Learning about bio-medical engineering as it relates to the great outdoors, kids had the opportunity to develop mountain liters, or stretchers that had to stand the test of an obstacle course, along with the heights of a zip line. 

At the end of our two-day stint we had a handful of adventurous students who handcrafted boats out of recycled materials. They were able to brainstorm, and build their contraption and test it out on the nearby pond. Both teams were successful in their attempts to build a boat that could support themselves. 

One team was even able to get two people on-board, and paddle around the pond. 

We look forward to heading back up next year to inspire a new group of students through hands-on science activities.