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A supported, self-paced computer science club, utilizing popular games and tools, to teach kids everything from 3D printing to piloting drones!

The Science Zone computer science program helps kids achieve their coding potential by creating a level-based system that kids move through, starting with block coding, all the way up to using C# to program on the Unity engine. Not only do kids learn coding concepts and languages, but they also learn real-world applications and other computer science and engineering-related topics: ranging from 3D printing to drone flying, and everything in between.

This program is self-led, so kids who already have some computer science background/experience can get placed where they need to be to continue to excel and learn new things. We use popular games like Roblox and Minecraft as a tool to help kids get excited about learning. Roblox teaches things like 3D rendering and Lua, and Minecraft demonstrates circuit and electrical work using Redstone.

Direction can be taken to help a child develop CS skills using whatever they may be interested in. The program adapts to individuals and helps them be in their best personal learning environment.

Class Format

Drop-In Style. Our Coding Club will be open from 3:00 to 6:00pm Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. While students may come for any amount of time within that range, we typically suggest they stay roughly an hour.

We ask that you alert our Technology Program Coordinator ahead of time on when she should expect to see your child so she can be as prepared to take care of them, and meet their needs as best as possible.

Age Range

Coding at The Zone has been designed specifically for learners from 8 years old up to 14. If your child is between the ages of 5 and 7, please check out our Junior's Coding Program HERE.

Class Pricing:

Hours Per MonthNon MemberScience Zone Member
8 Hours
$ 170.00
$ 120.00
4 Hours
$ 90.00
$ 75.00

Monthly Hours begin on the 1st of each month.

Science Zone Memberships are only $75 for an entire year. Not a member? Get yours today!

Meet your Instructor

Jess McIntyre: 
Jess is a Casper College student majoring in education and obtaining a computer science certification. For three years, she taught computer science and other STEM-related concepts at Code Ninjas. Jess took every computer science class at Kelly Walsh High School and several Casper College classes before graduation in 2023. She loves computer science, technology, and problem-solving.

Coding @ The Zone Jr.

Coding at the Zone Jr. provides children ages 5 – 7 years old with the opportunity to develop mathematical concepts, problem solving and social skills through engaging in basic computer programming activities. Students will also participate in an array of easy and fun projects that use multiple kinds of technology.