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Taking academically rigorous high school classes and performing well in those college preparatory courses are ranked by many colleges as the most important components of a student’s application. To that end, we support our students by offering both broad and subject-specific academic coaching. We strive to be more than tutors who are concerned only with grades: students often achieve their greatest successes when they understand HOW and WHY they learn! We challenge our students to reflect on their academic experiences with curiosity and develop their own individual knowledge, tools, and techniques that will guide them into college and beyond. This transcends day-to-day lessons and can include guidance on how to communicate with teachers, recover from a poor start in a class, form a productive study group, and plan ahead for upcoming exams.

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Meet your Academic Coach


Matt has helped students with diverse backgrounds and abilities for more than a decade. Working with elementary school students to post-baccalaureates, Matt specializes in tailoring learning programs to each of his students and can address virtually any student's needs. This supportive, personalized, in-depth approach goes above and beyond to help students better understand themselves and the barriers to their learning goals, translating to less stress, higher productivity, and better educational outcomes.

Matt received a BS from the University of Oregon in Human Physiology and General Science with a minor in Organic Chemistry. He attended CU Boulder, where he earned a MS in Integrative Physiology. Matt has also completed the program in College Admissions Counseling at the University of California, Riverside.

In his spare time, he can be found outdoors: golfing, mountain biking, trail running, snowshoeing, and camping.