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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Our Team

Steven Schnell

Executive Director

Steven Schnell holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Information Systems from the University of Nevada, Reno.

His vision for the future of The Science Zone is to enable kids to develop a strong interest in and passion for the sciences and the natural world.

Steven is an avid mountain biker, climber, snowboarder, backpacker, kayaker and enjoys being outdoors as much as possible enjoying everything from trekking in Patagonia, Chile to cycling to Yellowstone. Steven is a proud Eagle Scout, and the Fat Fish Racing Mountain Biking group. 

He treasures the time spent with his twin girls as their family explores the world around them.

Keri Owen

Development Director

Keri Owen was born and raised in Casper, Wyoming. With years of Federal grant experience, she was so excited to work with The Science Zone as the Development Director. Starting in 2018 as a volunteer grant writer, and before then as a community partner, she brings years of knowledge and dedication to the Zonian team. With her degrees in early childhood education and youth development, and many years in nonprofit work, she is passionate about moving the mission, to inspire curiosity, forward to engage children, youth, families, and the community.

Alex Walters

Field Trip and Camp Coordinator

Alex Walters is a (soon to be) graduate of the University of Wyoming where she studied zoology. She spends her free time enjoying nature through hiking, cross-country skiing, bird watching, and studying insects. She has a passion for animals, ecology, and conservation. Alex is an enthusiastic educator who enjoys showing people all the wonders of the outdoors and the wild things that are outside our front doors!

Faith Lockwood

Early Childhood Program Coordinator

Faith, Early Childhood Coordinator at The Science Zone, holds an A.A. in Early Childhood Education and an Infant Toddler Director's Credential. She leads educational outreach for preschool programs, fostering a love for science early on. Additionally, she teaches at-risk middle and high school girls, empowering them to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams through positive interactions, and the power of science.

Jess McIntyre

Technology Program Coordinator

Jess is a Casper College student majoring in education and obtaining a computer science certification. For three years, she taught computer science and other STEM-related concepts at Code Ninjas. Jess took every computer science class at Kelly Walsh High School and several Casper College classes before graduation in 2023. She loves computer science, technology, and problem-solving.

Michaela McGee

STEAM Educator

Michaela is an incredible educator working to inspire youth and adults through our programs and offerings.

Kaylee Huben

AmeriCorps Member

Kaylee is an AmeriCorps member serving with the Science Zone. 

Bodie Larsen

AmeriCorps Member

Bodie Larsen is a senior at Kelly Walsh High School. As an Americorps member at The Science Zone, he helps with camps and the free family S.T.E.A.M. night event every Thursday. He also teaches a weekly, hands-on S.T.E.A.M. lesson for the middle schoolers at Woods Learning Center.

Jeffrey Dohopolski

AmeriCorps Member

Jeff is an AmeriCorps member serving with The Science Zone. 

He has a strong interest in technology, and supports The Zone through his incredible tech-savvy skillset. 

Krista Carstensen

AmeriCorps Member

My name is Krista Carstensen, I am an AmeriCorps member serving at the Science Zone. I am studying Geology at Casper College and find the structures of Earth fascinating. When I'm outside hiking or fishing I always find myself asking "why is that there? What made this cliff look like it does?" My primary goal at the Science Zone is to encourage family science exploration through our free family STEAM nights, helping curate stations of different themes each week.

Valerie Liska

AmeriCorps Member

Valerie is an AmeriCorps member serving at The Science Zone.

Terri Roberts

AmeriCorps Member

Terri is an AmeriCorps member serving with us at The Science Zone

Barb Ray

AmeriCorps Member

Barb is an AmeriCorps member serving with us at The Science Zone

Trevor Trujillo

Operations Administrator

Trevor is a lifelong Casper resident with a long media career in the community including radio, television, online journalism, and film criticism. He is currently serving as the Operations Administrator for The Science Zone and has been serving in the position since August of 2023. Previously he has appeared on the local stage, in a number of roles, in productions at Stage III Community Theater and the Casper College Department of Theatre and Dance. A devoted cinephile, Trevor is usually found at his happiest when watching movies with his family.

Raven Howard

Operations Assistant

My name is Raven, and I proudly serve as an Operations Assistant at The Science Zone! My job is all about ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes so that visitors have the best possible experience exploring the wonders of science.

With a background in stagecraft and costuming, I bring a set of unique skills to the team, including set up experience and environment building. I’m passionate about creating a home where curiosity thrives and where everyone, regardless of age or background can engage with science and the world around us.

Outside of work, you’ll often find me doing some form of art or music, which I believe helps me bring a fresh perspective to my professional endeavors. I am usually drawing or humming something related to my favorite band, Ghost - and I find that this appreciation for artistry helps me infuse creativity into my work at The Science Zone, whether it's designing interactive exhibits or organizing engaging events, such as birthday parties and field trips!

Colleen Burridge

AmeriCorps Program Director

Colleen has a degree in secondary education and masters in Ed. Admin. She brings 37 years teaching experience in both public and private education to The Science Zone. She helped design and implement an innovative, integrated problem based program.
Never let a sunrise or sunset go unnoticed and unappreciated - they bring moments of hope and gratitude. Winters are for skiing, summers are for biking and hiking.
Vision for the Science Zone - to continue to support top-notch educational services provided for students and to expand opportunities for science enrichment for the whole community

Brayden Ingham

Animal Education Coordinator

Brayden has been enjoying visiting our collection of animals in the Zoo Zone for YEARS. Now he's been able to turn his love of our animals into his work. Taking care of our critters is one of the highlights of his day.

You'll find him on the museum floor engaging with guests and our zoo zone animals or out in the field taking our animal ambassadors to schools and events.

Emma Litke

Museum Experience Facilitator

Emma has been working here since January of 2022. She is graduating from Kelly Walsh high school this year and plans to attend Casper College in the fall to get a Business Administration degree. In her free time, she loves downhill skiing and is also learning to snowboard. When it’s not the winter, she loves taking road trips or going on picnics in Casper’s beautiful parks and mountains.

Journey Hildebrand

AmeriCorps Member

Journey is an AmeriCorps member with a passion for working with kids and inspiring them to find out what they love. She’ll be majoring in Elementary Education or History at Black Hills State University in the fall, with hopes of becoming either a teacher or a museum archivist. She knows everything there is to know about Jane Goodall, and loves anything to do with animals. At the Science Zone, she serves by helping to educate students and come up with lesson plans and experiments, as well as teaching summer camps.

Kai Burton

AmeriCorps Member

Kai is an avid reader, writer, and computer programmer. He loves everything to do with computers and will never turn down a chance to code a project. He's a (soon to be) graduate of Kelly Walsh High School and has taken every programming class Kelly Walsh offers. He's excited to continue his education and career in programming and plans to major in computer science. You can find Kai programming exhibits at the Curation Station or assisting Jess during Coding at the Zone.

Our Board of Directors

Our board commits itself to supporting the work of the staff at the Science Zone, by providing business support, connections to industry leaders, fundraising support, and helps guide the business aspects of the organization. 

If you feel you would be interested in serving on the Science Zone board of directors you may inquire by contacting us. We're always looking for well connected, smart individuals who want to help us grow. Connect with us here.

  • Board Chair: Sandy Leotta 
    • Retired Educator
  • Chair Elect: Michele Wistisen 
    • Retired Planetarium Director 
  • Secretary: Mary Larson 
    • Retired Insurance Agent 
  • Treasurer: Stacey Scott
    • Rancher & Retired CPA 
  • Immediate Past ChairMatt Kadlick
    • Marketing Director: Mountain West Technologies 
  • Kyle Gamroth
    • Manager CPU-IT & Casper City Council Member 
  • Emily Erz
    • Owner: Ironside Resources & Geologist 
  • Crystal Bell
    • Commercial Relationship Manager at First Interstate Bank
  • Dr. Tyler Quest
    • Owner: Casper Dermatology Clinic
  • Khara LeDoux
    • Computer Professionals Unlimited