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...the first steps

One of the early steps in the college search process is to understand and prepare for the SAT and ACT, the two standardized tests used as part of college admissions decisions. We work with families to tailor a plan for each of our students to maximize their scores on one or both of these tests, opening doors for potential admission to more colleges and increasing both the likelihood and award amount of merit-based scholarship aid at those universities.

Our initial consultation includes a review of a student’s previous test scores to assess areas of strength and weakness and provide direction for the areas of the tests that require new strategies or the topics covered on the tests that would be best to review. This helps to establish realistic goals for each individual student from the outset. In the weeks and months that follow, we track the progress each of our students makes on official practice tests and reevaluate the goals we set from the start; this helps us to determine when a student should register to take an actual test. Once scores from an official test come back, we can compare them to scores from practice tests and determine whether it is worthwhile to continue preparing and test again.

College Counseling

Anticipation of the SAT and ACT often serves as the catalyst for the college search, but college readiness and preparation for the application process can begin well in advance. Regardless of the timing, we can guide families through some or all of the process, including advice on which classes to take in high school; finding extracurricular activities and opportunities; researching colleges and narrowing the possibilities to an appropriate list of safety, target, and reach schools; writing admissions essays; and understanding and applying for financial aid.

Meet your Instructor


Matt has helped students with diverse backgrounds and abilities for more than a decade. Working with elementary school students to post-baccalaureates, Matt specializes in tailoring learning programs to each of his students and can address virtually any student's needs. This supportive, personalized, in-depth approach goes above and beyond to help students better understand themselves and the barriers to their learning goals, translating to less stress, higher productivity, and better educational outcomes.

Matt received a BS from the University of Oregon in Human Physiology and General Science with a minor in Organic Chemistry. He attended CU Boulder, where he earned a MS in Integrative Physiology. Matt has also completed the program in College Admissions Counseling at the University of California, Riverside.

In his spare time, he can be found outdoors: golfing, mountain biking, trail running, snowshoeing, and camping.