• Dinosaur Birthday Party

    Photo by Joyce Adams on Unsplash: eF_3z15RmWY

The Science Zone exists to inspire the mind, delight the senses, so have your birthday do the same thing for your guests! 

We have recently opened up for parties again at the zone, with some awesome new additions! Want to have local musician Chad Lore come do sound science? Learn how seeing eye dogs do their job? What about the continued tradition of making SLIME? Well, this is the place.

Party packages always include a 2-hour room rental and covers admission for your guests to explore the museum. 

See below to find out what packages we offer!

Birthday Packages

Basic Birthday Party: Fee $150.00 Non-Members/ $125.00 Members

Birthday Party Plus: Fee (in addition to basic party fee) $50.00 Non-Members/ $25.00 Members

The Science Zone will provide an educator for an approximate 30-minute activity in addition to a room, table, chairs, and museum exploration time.

Choose one of the following activities 

Rainbow Flames: You might think you know what fire looks like but you could be surprised! Flames can be all different colors of the rainbow and we invite you to come see it for yourself! You and your guests will burn different mystery powders to make different colored flames. Can you guess what each powder is? We’ll explain the “why” behind each one while you enjoy the view!

It’s Slime! Learn the science of slime and get your hands dirty in this ooey-gooey addition to your birthday party! Choose from five different types of slime, including an edible slime, and impress your friends with your new science know-how! After your party take home your slime and your knowledge of how slime works!

Make the ball bounce! Can you make the bounciest of all bouncy balls?! Your budding chemist can experiment with different ingredients to try and make the best bouncy ball you can! Learn how bouncy balls work, what they’re made of, and the science behind their ingredients in this bouncy birthday party addition!

Special audience with the animals! Does your party crew love The Science Zone animals? How about a special tour of our animals with the opportunity to get to know and pet our zoo friends.

*Please note: All parties booked for times outside normal business hours are subject to $100.00 extra fee.

Birthday Party Add-ons

These options can be added to any party package! If added on to a Birthday plus package, please expect another 30 mins for one of these activities (2.5hr party)

Is your child a dog-lover? Take this chance to see professionally trained dogs from Elite K-9 find scents, do obstacle courses and see what it takes to be a seeing eye dog! Additional Fee : $90.00 Non members/$60.00 Members

Is your child a music lover? Join Chad Lore for an extraordinary adventure into sound science! This will include a heavy dose of pure fun and entertainment! Chad will provide the guitar, banjo, harmonica, unicycle, juggling, and we provide the science! $125.00 non Members/ $100.00 Members

To schedule a party or to learn more about availability, please call 307-473-9663, or email Ben.Kinion@thesciencezone.org

Birthday Party Registration form
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