• Dinosaur Birthday Party

    Photo by Joyce Adams on Unsplash: eF_3z15RmWY

The Science Zone exists to inspire curiosity, so have your birthday do the same thing for your guests! 

You can book our classroom and enjoy free exploration in our museum for a two-hour time slot.  The fee for a basic party is $150 non-members / $125 for members. 

Party packages always include a 2-hour room rental and covers admission for your guests to explore the museum. 

For a small additional fee ($50 non-members/$25 members) you can book our Birthday Party Plus package!  Plus packages are listed below. 

*Party Packages and Add-ons are subject to approval*

Birthday Packages

Birthday Party Add-ons

These options can be added to any party package! If added on to a Birthday plus package, please expect another 30 mins for one of these activities (2.5hr party)

Would you like your face painted? Get your face painted by Monica of MONYFACEPAINT! She is one talented professional face painter hoping to be the next splash of color at your birthday party! Offering beautiful face painting, cheek, and arm designs to brighten your party! Additional Fee: $100.00 Non-Members / $80.00 Members

Is your child a music lover? Join Chad Lore for an extraordinary adventure into sound science! This will include a heavy dose of pure fun and entertainment! Chad will provide the guitar, banjo, harmonica, unicycle, juggling, and we provide the science! Additional Fee: $125.00 non Members/ $100.00 Members

*Please note:

  • All parties booked for times outside normal business hours are subject to $100.00 extra fee.
  • *Party Packages and Add-ons are subject to approval*

To schedule a party or to learn more about availability, please call 307-473-9663, or email Events@thesciencezone.org