Masks encouraged, but not required.

  • Tot Playing with Blocks (16:9)

    Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash : nvKQ1kxheRc

Learn through Play!

From day 1, children are eager and determined to understand how the world works. Play is how children learn to communicate, problem solve, test ideas, and get along with others. Promote your little one's early literacy by visiting all three interactive children's stations.

3 Spots, 3 Stations

You can find Tot Stops in Casper at the following locations:

  • The Science Zone
  • Wyoming Child Support Program
  • The Natrona County Library

New at TSZ Tot Stop:

Two new additions to our Tot Stop include a wonderful gross and fine motor skills area perfect for toddlers, and a new wooden rocking boat / bridge. Put together by our very own after school students! With incredible partners like the Natrona County Library Foundation and the Wyoming Child Support Program, you'll be able to enjoy interactive children's stations at all of our locations.