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A Book for the Curious

Local artist Zachary Pullen and author Brad Herzog have partnered with The Science Zone to immerse you in vivid imagery and storytelling of over 60 of the greatest minds in history in our new book, “The Thinkers”. The artwork will eventually greet visitors in the entryway at the Science Zone’s new location.

The original painting for the book featuring all thinkers, stands at an incredible 3.5 tall by 7.5 feet wide! The book features an image of the original piece with each represented thinker also depicted on their own two-page spread. Complete with stories from their lives, and achievements this work will surely excite any reader.

“The hope is that these stories will both educate and inspire” - Brad Herzog, author

It’s clear that they already have! The book was brought to the attention of Science Journalist Ira Flatow who agreed to write the compelling and inspirational forward that you can read for yourself soon by ordering your copy at thethinkersbook.org or stopping by The Science Zone and picking up your copy today!

“I’m very happy to add this long, over due compilation – and it’s wonderful illustrations – to my collection of fun, light-bulb moment reading. See if you agree.” - Ira Flatow, Veteran Public Radio and TV Science Journalist


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To learn about Ira Flatow and the works of Brad Herzog and Zachary Pullen visit them below: